Fall 2013-dark leaves

Friday, December 9, 2011

Happy Anniverserary!

Today is our 11th anniverserary.  We totally forgot until my mother-in-law called Brian this morning to wish us well.  I'd already left for work, so he sent me a text to say happy anniversary and that he loved me.  When I got to work, I realized I'd left the house without socks for me or a coat for Patrick (the windchill was in the 20s) or Catherine's lunch or a pillow for Sarah Frances's writer's workshop.

My dear husband brought it all, plus a card he picked up, to us on his way to class.  But not SF's pillow.  This is the second time she's forgotten, but I doubt now that there will be a third.

Then he came BACK toward the end of school with a GIFT!  A new pair of Marmot fuzzy wuzzy gloves for me!  I've needed those babies for about two years now.  He returned a shirt his mother sent him and bought me gloves instead.  Shhhhh--don't tell.  I don't think she reads this blog--do you Lilla?

I feel so loved.  And so.very.blessed.  Happy Anniverserary, Brian!  You will always be my most tangible gift of God's grace. 

Sunday, December 4, 2011

What to do??

To say our new renters are high maintenance is a great understatement.  Brian even offered before they moved in to let them out of the lease because we could tell it wasn't going well.  They declined.  Now we're getting calls about things that we can't do anything about and have nothing to do with the issue at hand.

I'm asking for prayer.  I'm personally not dealing with them at all, so ask the Lord to help Brian to be patient and long suffering.  That I would encourage him and help him as much as I can.  That the house as is would be enough for them.

And for some miraculous work to happen in their hearts too.