Fall 2013-dark leaves

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Wars Within and Wars Without

I spent time this morning in Isaiah 42 and 43. And as I am getting up to begin the day, I am confessing my fear of Satan's typical attacks on the mornings that I begin by asking for help to be a gracious, kind, and patient person, even as I am asking for patience, kindness, and grace.

He created me, formed me, redeemed me. What do I have to fear? I so want to rest in him and maintain my focus. I'd like to say I want to get away from myself, but that's not the point of being redeemed. I do want to put the old man to death and put on the new Rebecca. The Rebecca who I was created to be, who I will be when there is no more sin. When Satan can no longer tempt me to indulge that old man.

And yet, when I strive for holiness, I'm afraid I'm making the bulls-eye on my back even bigger.

And YET, it is that exact sinful nature that im fighting (of the old man) that makes me fear Satan's attacks. When, in fact, I have the power of GOD on my side.

And YET, I sure can--and do--botch it all up all the time. Stupid sin-nature.

AND YET he loves me. And promises to never leave me. And will continue to change me, by his grace, until I am completely new and the old me is entirely replaced with the real me. (which won't happen till I get to heaven or till Jesus comes back for us.)

So come Lord Jesus! And do please help me this morning to be gracious, kind and patient.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Christmas is tomorrow!!  Christ is come!!  What joy, what peace!!  And for such an undeserving, little old me.

When I consider that Jesus, creator of all things, came to Earth as helpless as my newborn nephew Pierce, it BLOWS my mind.  I mean...he held all things on Earth together but couldn't even hold his own head up.  And all for the purpose of sacrificing himself just 30-something years later for people who didn't understand or want his help.  Dying for me, who forgets him all the time but becomes a complete sloppy mess with gratitude and praise when I do.

And for this, for much more than just this, we celebrate tomorrow.  And it makes me want to literally dance.  It DOES make my heart dance and my eyes water and my arms reach for husband and kids.  And drop to my knees, weeping, before the goodness and holiness of my Savior.

So in response, I'm going to go serve my family right now by doing laundry, dishes, and cooking a fabulous meal so we can celebrate the coming of our King to save us for today, tomorrow, and forever.

And beg that he come back quickly!