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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Wars Within and Wars Without

I spent time this morning in Isaiah 42 and 43. And as I am getting up to begin the day, I am confessing my fear of Satan's typical attacks on the mornings that I begin by asking for help to be a gracious, kind, and patient person, even as I am asking for patience, kindness, and grace.

He created me, formed me, redeemed me. What do I have to fear? I so want to rest in him and maintain my focus. I'd like to say I want to get away from myself, but that's not the point of being redeemed. I do want to put the old man to death and put on the new Rebecca. The Rebecca who I was created to be, who I will be when there is no more sin. When Satan can no longer tempt me to indulge that old man.

And yet, when I strive for holiness, I'm afraid I'm making the bulls-eye on my back even bigger.

And YET, it is that exact sinful nature that im fighting (of the old man) that makes me fear Satan's attacks. When, in fact, I have the power of GOD on my side.

And YET, I sure can--and do--botch it all up all the time. Stupid sin-nature.

AND YET he loves me. And promises to never leave me. And will continue to change me, by his grace, until I am completely new and the old me is entirely replaced with the real me. (which won't happen till I get to heaven or till Jesus comes back for us.)

So come Lord Jesus! And do please help me this morning to be gracious, kind and patient.

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