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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Body Odour

I'd like to officially apologize to anyone sitting near me tonight at Back to School Night for what was likely an unpleasantly odoriferous experience.  This morning when I was getting ready for work today, I did not have in mind the entire rest of my day.  I did remember that I was going to teach PE then go straight into working After Care.  That's about 5 hours straight being outside.  I did remember that Sarah Frances had soccer practice and needed to pack her clothes and cleats.  And I was thankful we could eat as a family tonight between AC and soccer, although not at home.

What I did not remember was that I had Back to School night.  It didn't even click in my brain when I passed one of our male teachers wearing a tie.  Or when I took note of all the female teachers' pretty dresses today.

Once I remembered, I was glad I didn't need to be there tonight as a PE teacher, just as a parent of 4 kids at the school.  I planned on sitting down in the back, maybe even alone, inconspicuous-like with my own stinky self.

But then when they did teacher introductions, I was included.  So I stood up.  And THEN our Head of School said all specials teachers would be in a particular room to talk, which included the PE teacher.

Well, I was already there solo to hear about 4 kids' classes in 2 periods of time.  I certainly didn't have time to be a teacher.  So I bailed.

I mean, people worry about what to wear to this thing.  It's only parents and really is a unique chance for the school community to be together.  Now, I'm NOT going to worry about what I'm going to wear, but I could at the least not STINK.

So I'm sorry for smelling bad and for still being in my PE work clothes on a night when all the other teachers were dressed up all nice-like...  I'm doing my best, stanky self and all.

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