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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Exercising Gratitude

Good things:

Sarah Frances is growing up into the most lovely young lady.  She is funny and kind.  She is thoughtful about others and willing to put herself out there to be friendly.  She calls it like she sees it and has so far avoided being passive-agressive when she's frustrated.  I love her diligence and creativity.  She loves to read and have her back scratched.  And she still talks to me the most when I'm standing at her door, leaving the room after tucking her in for the night.

Catherine is a giver.  She is so relational that not much else matters.  She can make us all laugh.  She looks to include others in whatever she's doing.  She reaches out to those younger than her, toddlers in particular, but is a real friend to anyone who will be hers.  She'll take one for the team too, when sacrifice is needed.  She loves to bake and makes the best homemade biscuits from scratch.  Nothing gets past her so I love hearing all her stories, which she's eager to tell anytime I'll give her an ear.

Patrick is one of the most discerning people I know.  He loves sacrificially and is loyal to the death.  He is extremely artistic and also loves to whittle.  He's diligent to learn things that are hard for him and quick to laugh even if he's grumpy.  His giggle slays me.  His mind is a steel trap, even if getting a thought out is tricky.  He's an amazing brother, pushing the girls' buttons as well as taking care of and protecting them.  He still jumps up in my arms on a daily basis and will kiss me on the forehead when I ask, just not in the lunchroom at school.

Lillian is delightful.  A delightful mess.  She loves an audience, which works out well when you're the youngest of four.  Her dry humor and wit still surprise us.  She's a helper and a doer and enjoys sacrificially taking care of people when she sees a need.  Her feelings are tender but she's also a thinker and sees things well for what they are.  She loves to create and ask questions about what she's learning.  Her stories come often and easily.  She may be small, but she is mighty!

Brian Brown is an amazing man.  His sacrifices for the Kingdom are inspiring; his trust in the Lord is second to none.  He steps up to do the work that is needed; nothing is below him.  He is a faithful and trustworthy husband, father, friend, and leader.  He is my anchor, always has been, and I am continually blown away at his ability to take care of us in just the way we need.  He is musical, and we all dance because of that.  He is patient and gracious beyond belief.

...just needed to count my blessings a little.  Thanks for indulging me.

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