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Saturday, December 26, 2009


It's the day after Christmas, and we're at my parents' home. We have seen all our immediate family, except for one set of my grandparents. It has been busy, yet relaxing, and so fun!

Christmas morning my children all received gifts from us. This is not unusual. The strange part this year is that I was disappointed as the gift giver. We gave one of them a "big" gift, exactly what they wanted, and they did not show the excitement I expected. In fact, there seemed to be disappointment or--even worse--apathy toward the gift. And therefore I was sad as well.

I kept asking if s/he liked it. S/he said yes, s/he did. I asked if s/he wanted to try it out, and s/he said yes but later. Then later in the day when we were in the car on our way to my parents', during a time s/he should have been using the gift, s/he didn't even ask for it. S/he had sure asked for it the whole way down to Birmingham from St. Louis!

At first I was concerned. Then sad. Then irritated. Then it hit me--how much I take for granted all the good gifts my heavenly Father gives me. How I look in his face and don't show gratitude or appreciation for what he has so carefully chosen to bless me with--things that I need and even ask for.

And that is truly sad. Lord, help me to have eyes open to see all the blessings given to me and right response of joy and gratitude.

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