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Monday, December 28, 2009

Responsibility and Library Books

Why can't I renew or return my library books on time? This happened when we lived in Birmingham so often that I quit checking out books. I confessed my irresponsibility to the library guy and asked him to suspend my card. He looked at me like I was crazy, but he did it anyway. True, I didn't have my 4 kids with me so he couldn't see what I was having to remember to do on top of returning my books on time. He couldn't see that they were, at the time, ages 5 and under. That for us to even get to the library, I was responsible for finding everyone clean socks and matching shoes, taking them the the bathroom or changing their diapers, not to mention finding all the books we checked out so we could return them. It became too much for my head, so I just quit.

Well, it's happening again. We left 2 Friday's ago for our Christmas break, and I forgot that the 10 books on my shelf (I'm getting better at keeping them together) were due that day. Today we got a notice on email that the other 5 I had checked out later (I'm daring to have different sets checked out at the same time) were due today. Good thing--the fine would have been much more than the $8 I owe right now.

I know I've gotten better about a lot of things over the years. God has sanctified me in many areas, but I pray today that he will sanctify me in the area of responsibility and library books. I enjoy going to the library and checking out books, but I can't afford to if he doesn't change me! :)

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