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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Alive Mag

Last week a rep from Alive magazine, a local publication, called because they are featuring St. Louis Adventure Bootcamp in their April issue as a group exercise option for women.  Awesome news, and completely unsolicited.  We are excited to see what happens.

The photographer was supposed to meet me this morning at 5:15 before camp to talk about what shots she wanted, etc.  But she didn't show!  I had even recruited some friends to come to camp just for this morning so it would shoot well.  Thanks to Marne and Katie for coming! 

Maybe she'll come Friday??  I hope they still use us!

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  1. She came today (Friday). Two of my girls called at 5am to say they couldn't make it; two of them had already said they were going to be out of town. Two of them were there. I'm still glad the photographer came, even though the group looks very thin. Like I said, I hope they still use us!