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Sunday, August 14, 2011

To Run or Not To Run?

Fall of 1999 I began training for a half marathon. I'd begun running that spring with two friends in OT school, just 2 miles at a time...then 3...then at some point not long after that, it wasn't worth my time to run if it weren't for an entire hour or longer.  Crazy!  It was always hard, but it was fun to challenge myself to stick to the training schedule.

And that's about the time I met Brian.  If he misrepresented himself as a quick-decision kind of a guy (we met and married in 13 months), I misrepresented myself as a runner.  Because I am not. But at the time, I can see how seemed that I was.

Anyway, I said something the other day about how I'm tempted to take up running again since the weather is cooling off some here (for now) but not really because I hate running.  He sounded surprised; he thought I really liked being a runner.  Yes, I like the idea of being a runner, but don't be deceived: I hate running.  He said, basically, to get over it and run. 

So I am.  Twelve years and four full-term pregnancies later (like that's a real excuse--my baby's 3 1/2), I'm going to start training again.  Last year it snowed for the first time on Thanksgiving Day, so I thought I'd start this week and go till then.  Lo and behold, Hal Higdon has a 12-week schedule for novice runners training for a half, which is exactly the number of weeks between now and Nov. 6, the date of the St. Louis Half Marathon.

Anyone want to join me?  We don't have to run together, just talk about the running we're doing.  And if you're out of town, we have a guest room just waiting for you that weekend!

Yes, I know.  Crazy.  This is crazy.  More later on why I'm doing this.

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