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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Blown Away

I heard tonight that my friend from seminary, truly the first person I met on the campus playground after we moved here, has been diagnosed with breast cancer.  Erica had on Chacos and runners clothes, and I p.r.o.m.i.s.e. I knew she was a therapist before I even talked to her.  Turns out she IS a physical therapist, which she just finished her doctorate in, btw.  Turns out the Lord took us to her and Dan's church to join for our time here.  Turns out they were one of the only families to invite all 6 of us over to dinner in their tiny campus apartment, where they introduced us to Birds and Bees coffee from Kaldi's.  Turns out her oldest son was in Patrick's class that year, a friendship that had Patrick and Brian calling Alex and Dan to go to a Cards game for his birthday when we ended up with 2 extra tickets.  Turns out they kept reaching outward, willing to invest in new people, even though it was their fourth and last year, a trick many (of us?) have trouble with.

I am blown away with sadness.

And I got an email tonight about another May grad likely getting a job.  And I'm not trusting right now.  My take-over-control-freakiness is fighting, pushing against my skin from the inside like some alien trying to escape the shell of my body.

I MUST trust and rest.

And finish this glass of wine before I go to bed.

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