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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Carl from Houston

Carl just knocked on my door. He's an African American 19yo dressed in a dress shirt, slacks, and a tie, who is going door to door soliciting people to buy magazines from him. He showed me his forms which are supposed to make me not afraid of him, but I confess all the workmen 2 doors down within sight and earshot make me feel better than those forms. He said he was new to this and asked for my patience as he needed to start over with the same schpeel a few times when he lost his place. (Ever seen the Wilderness Boy in Up?) So I listened. He bragged about all the mulit-millionaire friends he's made who have taken him out and supported him in his endeavors, dropping names of famous rappers and hip-hop artists I've never heard of, except Lil Wayne. He asked questions to learn about our education and financial circumstances and had a hard time believing I had a college degree and stayed home with our kids. But he perked up a lot when I mentioned B's MBA, mistakingly hearing NBA. I chuckled inside.

Anyway, I explained we don't have cash to spare but that I was glad he was being responsible for where he went in life regardless of where he started (3rd Ward in Houston, TX). He said he understood and asked for a drink because his throat was scratchy. So I made him a Coke, offered him a cookie, and we sat on the front porch and chatted among the kids for a good 15 minutes.

So pray for Carl. He says he's a Christian, but he's working closely for a group of Muslim's who are definitely influencing his motivation for the work he's doing. I hope God used our conversation to at least help him think about it all.

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