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Monday, March 1, 2010

Ordering the Day

Saturday morning was Sarah Frances's turn to go out with me "for coffee." After she finished her cinnamon roll, she climbed in my lap and we read the last chapter of Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle. Great way to start the day.

Then home to cleaning and laundry. Brian left for CFA, and Aaliyah came over. I quickly became overwhelmed and wanted to escape for lunch. But before I decided for myself, I stepped outside alone and confessed to God my selfish desires to leave the mess and difficult situations but that I would stay if He wanted. To please order my day for me. Well, Patrick had been begging to go see B at work, so I decided to go for it. We sent A. home and walked outside to load up.

Our next-door neighbor was pulling out, and we visited for about 15 min. It's been a long time since we've caught up, and I was glad to talk some. We are eager to get to know them better. I hope to share Keller's Reason for God with her once I finish it.

On the way to CFA, I got a call from Marne who asked if I could come sit with her in the 5-star hotel and order roomservice with her that evening--oh, yeah! She was recovering from gall bladder surgery and didn't want to be left alone in case she started having complications. I was glad to suffer with her. :)

That afternoon we weren't needed to play with Marne's kids, so we had some surprise free time. The girls have been asking to do some hand sewing, and as we were beginning that, a family the kids have met walked up to the house. They had met Brian back in the fall, and their 6 yo daughter had asked if they could come over and see if the girls could come out and play. What fun to meet new neighbors! So Maddie stayed and played; she is a great fit for the girls. They also have a 3yo boy for Patrick to play with. And the time I spent visiting with her mother, Eileen, revealed that we seem to be similar in personality, family-wise. They're all about hanging out outside, letting the kids play, and grilling out and listening to music. I foresee some fun spring evenings with the Erwins. :)

Then I was off to The Plaza to eat with Marne once B got home from studying.

What a wonderful day! And what a blessing that I can praise God for ordering my day for me, just because I asked him to. I can't say it would have been different logistically had I not prayed that morning, but I certainly would not have been looking for specific, God-ordained moments to build relationships and see Kingdom expansion in my life. Like I said, what a wonderful day!

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