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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Quick recap of the last week:

Friday night we took the kids to the Third Degree Glass Factory. They do an open house every 3rd Friday where they do demonstrations and have classes you can take. We watched a man create a glass bowl. Let's see if I can describe it. It has a red layer with white sparkles encased between clear glass. The outer layer has a diamond ridge pattern on it. It took about 45 minutes to make then it has to bake for 3 hours. I want to call and see if it's on display so we can see the finished product. There was also live music in the next room, and Patrick walked right up to the group and strummed his imaginary guitar alongside them. So cute! It was really cool for all of us to see what kind of skill and gifts are required to create--glass and music--well.

Saturday was BEAUTIFUL outside! We decided to go for a walk before lunch, and we brought our neighbor Aaliyah with us. She and Catherine pushed doll strollers, Sarah Frances pushed Lillian, and Patrick rode on his scooter. We were a sight to see! We made it almost a mile to the park and played a good hour before getting home for lunch at 1:30. It just felt so good to be playing outside that we didn't really notice we were hungry. That night B. took all 4 kids out to buy my birthday gift, and I was left home alone for the first time since we moved here. It was glorious!

Sunday was my actual birthday. There were a handful of people--FB friends mostly--who knew it was my bday, so it was a fun morning at church when people would whistle the song as I walked by or come over and give me a hug. :) That night our small group leader made red velvet cupcakes for me and they sang too. I blushed. I don't remember being so surprisingly affirmed on my b'day before. I feel loved. :)

And Brian gave me Keller's Reason For God, Honey For A Child's Heart, and the kids gave me earrings. :) And I got some checks from family so I can maybe get something cute for spring and get coffee out more often when I feel like it. :)

But I'm still catching up from "taking the weekend off". I CLEANED the kitchen this morning (even wiped down the cabinet faces and the seats of the chairs), but I'm SOOOOO far behind in laundry! Maybe this afternoon?

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  1. Sounds like a fun birthday weekend! I've heard the Keller book is really good...I've read the first couple chapters and enjoyed it, but had to pass it along to a friend who needed it right away. And I've borrowed Honey for a Child's Heart before too...great resource. How sweet that the kids got you earrings, and fun that you have some money to spend...make sure you spend it on yourself! (I have a hard time with this)

    Yes, it is hard to catch up from fun weekends. We're headed to B'ham today, the on to Auburn tomorrow morning for the weekend, and I have a feeling I'll be feeling a little dazed and confused come Monday. Should be a fun weekend though...taking the kids all over campus, seeing the sports museum, eating at Niffers, and taking in a baseball and basketball game...all on Saturday! We haven't been to Auburn in over four year...can't wait!