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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Life Lessons

Do you ever wonder what God is trying to teach you? Yes, in the moment, but right now I'm talking more about recurring themes in your life. Like, what would I say are my life's lessons? What areas in my life are in greatest need of sanctification, as seen by the particular areas where I struggle most?

I don't have the answers for this right now, but it occurred to me this morning that He is definitely trying to teach me something important because I am really struggling. Yesterday anger reared its ugly head, followed quickly by anxiety and then shame at being so weak. Today has been increasingly better, and I know it's because of the prayers of those precious friends who know to and how to pray. But now that He's got my attention, I don't want to miss the point.

Confess, repent, rejoice. (sin) Confess, repent, rejoice. (sin, again) Confess, repent, rejoice.

OK, I've got that down, but I'm so sick of falling into the same sin patterns over and over. And this is where I need to spend some time in self-evaluation. What matters so much to me that it would take my eyes off Jesus? What rocks my world so hard that I would be so harsh to those I love the most? And how can I make changes in my life to help foster a home that is peaceful and kind?

Anyway...just thinking "out loud." Thank God there's a good point to all this, and we're not just "coping" through life. Praise God...I am becoming more like Jesus! I am, if only because He promises I am, whether I see it or not.

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