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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Anxiety is cruising around here again. There's a lot going on; lots of decisions to be made.

I found out there's now a waiting list for 2nd grade at the school where there is a spot for Sarah Frances but not for Catherine. But no word on financial aid from the school. So maybe we keep the spot and assume God will provide for us to pay what they ask. And create a situation where I'm driving twice a day (at the worst) while still having to teach at home. Sarah Frances will have homework, so I'll be helping her at night too. Or agree that it's easier (and cheaper) to simplify and keep them both home again.

Which brings me to Classical Conversations, a co-op for homeschoolers preK-highschool. There is one within walking distance from our house, and it's been in the back of my head that that's what we'd do next year if we homeshool both girls again. Come to find out that location is full. There is a possibility they will open up another class, but I'll have to be the tutor for it, which means being prepared to teach once a week. Otherwise, we'll join the new one in South City, about 15 min. away. If we keep both girls home.

Bootcamp is wrapping up its first Camp. It has been SOOOOO fun. And now the anxiety begins of if people will come to Camp 2. I'm struggling at times to rest in God's provision of Campers. The right people will be there. I'm thankful I DON'T struggle that the point of Camp is relationships really more than income.

Patrick had an ENT consult yesterday and surgery is scheduled for tubes in and adenoids out on Monday, May 24. He has some hearing loss in his left ear due to fluid, and we're trying to give him every opportunity to succeed in school. Next week is our eval with Special School District for possible Speech and Language, and Occupational Therapy services. They did the in-class eval last week, and the lady was able to observe how services will help him. We'll know more next week.

At the same time all this is going on, Brian is working hard at school. His 3rd Greek exam is this Friday, and I was surprised at how outwardly stressed he got last exam. I'm praying it won't be so rough this time around. Then there's the 10-page thesis due next week that he hasn't started because he's been focused on Greek.

Oh, what a balancing act! I stress when I don't keep us scheduled because there are necessary things that don't get done. Then I stress when I try to keep us on a schedule because I'm always worried about getting behind.

One day--in heaven--there will be no time. Only eternity. And no new things to learn. We will have complete knowledge, wisdom, and be entirely sanctified. Until then, this is not the way it's supposed to be. :)

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