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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Kill, kill, kill!

I feel like Mrs. Hannigan. Over-worked, under-paid, overwhelmed by all the "little 'people', little 'people', everywhere I look," and in desperate need of a drink.

Oh, Lord, save me from myself. From my selfish heart that wants things to be my way--an easier way--no matter what is best. Save me from feeling overwhelmed when the truth is that you give me every resource to stay calm and at peace. Spare me from feeling desperate when I look at circumstances and people, not at the heart of the matter.

I, like Mrs. Hannigan, need rest. Need to rest. And when I don't, it turns into "Kill, kill, kill!" and I start reacting to life vs. living intentionally. After finals are over, we're going to carve out a morning or afternoon when I can get away. It may be that Brian keeps the kids or we hire a babysitter, but it needs to happen. I need to have some rest time scheduled in my life. I need to be a better mom. And Lord willing, I'm heading in that direction.

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  1. "And if this floor don't shiiiine like the top of the Chrystler Building, your backsides will. Y'understand??" "Yes, Ms. Hannigan." "What do we say, Annie?" "I love you Ms. Hannigan."