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Thursday, May 13, 2010


We finished testing at Special School District this morning, and the results are in: we don't qualify for services. This is great news--he's above average in most every area except one visual perceptual sub-test that they're calling a fluke. It doesn't change that he has areas that need attention, it just means that I went home with a stack of papers helping me know how I can give him that attention. He's just too darn good in what he's good at; it skews the scores.

He also doesn't have Leg Perthes (still) or an infection in his left hip, even though he hurts and is limping. We spent Tuesday morning at Children's Hospital getting xrays, an ultrasound, and some bloodwork done that all came back normal--except a little fluid on his joint that might be causing the pain and limp but not enough to go after.

I feel like I look like that mother who creates issues for her child even though there's nothing wrong with him. I should be thankful that everything is testing normal. Maybe God just gave me a child whose hip will hurt every now and then and who will always struggle to find words. Maybe he'll become the funny limping boy, with coping strategies for his deficits. Because, hey, we all have deficits and ways of coping so others don't see them.

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