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Thursday, August 26, 2010

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Hey, guys. Lately there have been some good blog-worthy events that I can't get to . So here are the titles with a brief synopsis of the entry, which will probably never be written:

Mama Called the Doctor--Why is it that the only time I remember to call to make an appointment for the dentist when it's either before/after hours or during their lunch break??

Car Full of Fun--Last night we tried to go to the zoo. We double checked the hours and headed out, only to find out there was an adult-only event that evening. The kids complained that it would have been so much fun. Brian's response? WE are a car full of fun; who needs the zoo?

Stop Screaming! -- Yelling, "If you don't quit yelling at each other, you're going to have discipline!"

Poor, Unwanted Little Girls--seem to be the theme of our Read Aloud books lately: Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm and Anne of Green Gables. Do my kids think all literature is about these types of girls? And do you have to be of somewhere to be book-worthy?

Little Girls in Wagons--Add the Little House series to the above list, and I wonder if they think all books are based on a time period before cars were invented?

Rush--Ever feel like the beginning of fall semester at any school is like Sorority Rush--Hi, nice to meet you. Where are you from? What's your major? Tell me about your family. It's the same in seminary.

Homey--Why do I stay home with my kids? Really, why? What is it that is compelling enough to keep me from delegating parts of my responsibilities and slipping away for a little fun for myself? Fun as in doing anything other than being Mom-who-stays-home-with-four-kids, including work for pay, volunteer work, daytime exercising, reading a book at a coffee shop, meeting a friend for lunch, etc? Is this really necessary for me? This could really use some processing. I have nothing near an answer right now, although I am confident it is right for me right now. I just don't know exactly why.

It's Greek to Me! Wait, I mean Hebrew.--Brian called this morning after his first Hebrew class and said, "Hebrew is so different than English! And Greek!" Well, yeah. It was just funny how he said it. We also will have to retrain Lillian to answer the question, "Where's Daddy?" from "He Geek" to "He's Hebrew." Probably won't sound as cute.

Rusty Art--In practicing for a science experiment for CC, I had a brilliant idea for an art collage. We sprinkled iron filings on paper that had a magnet under it and sprayed the paper with vinegar. The filings rust on the paper in the pattern of the magnetic field. Very cool looking if you did several different magnets on some good paper and framed them.

And, hey, look! It's 1pm now. I can call the dentist!

Have a great day, friends!

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