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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What I Love

Things I Love About Right Now:

1. Every piece of laundry in my entire house, including the clothes we wore yesterday, are washed, dried, and folded. Now to put them away! If you know me well, you will appreciate the miracle this is.

2. Brian is finishing his last requirement for Greek as we speak. Then we will be done with Greek forever. Kinda. But Greek classes will be over forever.

3. Catherine, Patrick, and Lillian are playing "boat" or "sea race," as Patrick calls it, in the living room. This means the 3 of them are each in their own *empty* laundry basket riding the waves of their imagination.

4. Sarah Frances is doing her handwriting pages upstairs alone because she wants to. :)

5. We are leaving for Birmingham tomorrow!

6. My parents are coming up to the lake to see us while we're in Alabama.

7. We cleaned the house yesterday, so once the laundry is put away we can leave and come home to a straight and clean home!

8. I timed groceries well--we'll finish all the milk, deli meat, and fruit today.

9. I found the next 2 books of my "vacation series" at the library last night. Too bad I stayed up till 2am to finish one of them, but at least I have another for the trip.

10. The Cards scored 6 or more yesterday, which means today is an On The Run day! Fountain drinks, frozen drinks (icees), and coffee are 25 cents all day.

11. I can stop and restart my mail online.

12. Cell phones have free long-distance.

What is your very favorite thing about Right Now?


  1. 1.) both children are napping
    2.) cleaned house and did laundry yesterday so i can play all week
    3.)my baby turns 1 on friday
    4.)lunch/playdate with friends and dinner/playdate with other friends tonight
    5.)my beloved worked a half day and is home!
    6.)i've discovered hydration is key to lessening the effects of the first trimester
    7.)this awesome new magazine i've found that has renewed my interest in food
    8.)the tight feeling i have in my calves all day after a rockin' good run
    9.)matching fancy appliques and mongrammed birthday outfits (a very rare treat for myself!) that only cost $10 each
    10.)Cafe Iz chicken salad and pumpkin bread in my fridge

  2. I hope to have Iz chicken salad for lunch on Sunday, Sarah! Great list. :)