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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Prayer Request

I've joked before that I need a MA in Counseling, but I'm not kidding. There have been a few people lately sharing some really big, really hard things with me. I am grateful that God seems to think I can handle it, but I don't trust that I have the right words to share with them. I am also very thankful that Brian is very, very good at knowing what to say. So he is helping me. For now I'm trying to be a good listener across the board. But I'm asking my friends to pray for me--for wisdom and discernment and patience and peace. So thanks, in advance.

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  1. This does not reflect how excited I am that I am in these relationships!! It's awesome. I love being a good friend. I just wish I had more training/teaching so I could be more confident in my responses.