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Monday, November 1, 2010

Dinner Out

Tonight we were invited over to the Luthin's house.  I mentioned them last week--no, 2 weeks ago.  Bill, the husband, is currently deployed with the Air Force, and Regan asked if there were a night we girls and the kids (they have the 2 boys P's age) could get together at their house for dinner.  Brian had already told me he had some heavy-duty studying to do early this week, so tonight worked out well for us to head out without him. 

It felt so good to be in her home.  It's clean.  And straight. (Remember they're military.)  And she served brie for an appetizer with a nice glass of wine.  It's so tastefully decorated, like a real grown-up house.  But it's also very much a home.  I was comfortable letting the kids just go, and they all played well together.  She let my older girls help make pumpkin waffles, bacon, and scrambled eggs.  And when one of us mothers were busy with a child or 2, the other stepped in and kept dinner going.  She let me help clean up the dishes and the basement before we left.  Not once did she decline help, but neither did I feel obligated.  I wanted to help.  And inbetween there was time to discuss parenting, books, and even share some heart issues, even if we never actually finished any particular part of the conversation.

How refreshing!  What a treat to be invited into another's home.  What a blessing to feel so welcome and at ease (no pun intended).  It is truly a gift from the Lord to have relationships like this.  Honestly, this is the 5th conversation we've had, including 3 just in-passing at the church.  Like I said before, I hope we get to spend more time together.

I have been so blessed to consistently have a girl friend or two in my life, especially since soph. year in college, who loves me well, encourages me, speaks truth to me and lovingly holds my feet to the fire.  Even when we moved here, within a week or two, I had a close and dear friend.  Now, I may not see you all often, but these are the girls I can pick back up with at the drop of a hat.  I have a feeling Regan will be one of them as well. 

Hey, guess what?  Relationships in heaven will be even easier than this with EVERYONE there.  Can you imagine not having trouble relating with anyone?  There will be no one there who is difficult to love.  We will live in perfect harmony and be at peace with each and every person there.  Wow.  That's fun!

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  1. Hey! Ive been blog exploring and found yours! Now I just need to figure out how to add it to mine so I can keep up. Loved looking at your sweet kids- they are so grown up.We have a not so exciting blog now if you want to check it out. Would love to hear from you and see how transition is going- still in ours! ha ha
    Love you!