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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Patrick's Heart

I asked Patrick this morning what he wanted to give to his friend, the fifth child of a very successful, former professional baseball player, at the birthday party at his house today.  Our go-to gift lately has been the glow sticks in the dollar section of Target.

Patrick excitedly replied, "I want to give him one side of my double light saver.  And I can give him the twisty thing too!"

I teared up instantly.  He'd waited over a year to get that light saber.  It's all he wanted for Christmas last year.  It is his favorite toy.  And yet he's eager to give it away to his friend whose family could buy him a gazillion light sabers.  Of course Patrick doesn't know that part.  He just wants to share what he loves with other people. 

This momma's heart was torn, so torn I had to call Brian to make sure that it was OK.  He wisely answered that it would hurt Patrick more to tell him no than for us to have to one day replace it.

So we're wrapping it up this morning.  I think I'll explain to his mom that it's a second-hand gift not because Patrick doesn't care about her son but because he loves to give others what he loves.

And that, my friends, really is priceless.  And a great lesson for me.

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