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Saturday, January 14, 2012

January Pics

I can't figure out how to turn the pics, so you'll just have to turn your head.  Sorry.

Catherine had her friend Emma over to play before school started again.

Patrick and his friend Brock were silly with their sandwiches.

The Porters came over for dinner.  Ella and Lillian are such good mommies!
Every Tuesday at our CFA is family night.  This week they had a face painter and also decorated sugar cookies with icing and sprinkles.  We love our CFA.  Pretty amazing, huh?

The view from my kitchen sink today.  They all have been exploring out there and walking on the iced-over creek until it cracked and Patrick got soaked.  Still...so much fun.

Daddy is the snow-fun-one.  I'm learning to enjoy watching the snow fun and not feel that it's at all necessary for me to go out to participate. :)

I made a B out of corks today.
Then I hung it up with some other things.  More my style than huge pastel maps.

Mary Martha and Sarah Frances are out on a "date," so maybe I can get some pics of them up soon.  For Christmas MMA gave each child a gift certificate for a date with her and $5 to spend on it.  She took Lillian out last week then today is SFB's turn.  In just a little bit Catherine is going on her birthday date with her daddy, and I'm going out later by myself.  Such fun times around here.  I love Janterm.

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