Fall 2013-dark leaves

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Birmingham Hangover

It happens every time we come back from being in AL--I get a hankering to be crafty and/or decorate the house.  Every time without fail I am inspired by the break I've had by sharing the kids with their grandparents, as well as the beauty of the Southern homes, and I feel the need to improve upon the state of my home.  This time is no different. 

And doesn't Pinterest just FEED my hunger to be crafty? 

Now, in my normal routine I know better than to indulge myself in trying to do more than survive.  I've quit Pinterest before.  I don't look at Southern Living anymore, and not just because we don't take it.  I don't even look at the decor of the house we live in; what am I able to do about it anyway?

But--dare I say it--I'm feeling it still.  A full week back, and I'm still itching as badly as ever to make the house more homey.  And it seems there's some wiggle room in my life.  That means maybe 3 hours a week when it's just me and Lillian (3yo and easiest child) when I can do something for myself.  Today it was take a nap with her.  Priceless.

But I think I should work on our room.  Put all the clothes away to start with then dust and vacuum.  THEN consider the walls and what to do.  Make it a retreat.  Hold me to it, people.  I can do it if there are no unforeseen dramas coming to blindside me.

That would be really nice.  And it would make Brian so happy.  Even if it lasts just a few days.