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Saturday, March 10, 2012

FAQ-an interview with myself

I'm assuming there have to be people who are reading this blog because it's linked to a friend of theirs, who don't know a thing about what's going on with me or what any of the last few posts mean...so this is my attempt to explain some of our story.

1.  Why are you in STL?  We moved here for my husband to pursue his Masters of Divinity at Covenant Theological Seminary.

2.  How much longer does he have?  We graduate in May 2013.

3.  You say "we" graduate.  Are you taking classes?  Ironically no, I'm not.  Ironically because before I met Brian, I was headed to CTS to learn more about the Bible.  And now, although I could take classes for free, I don't have the time.  I say "we" because this is an all-family endeavor--the six of us and extended and church families too.

4.  How did you decide to go to seminary?  We've always been in ministry as a couple, and going to seminary was a topic of conversation from the time we were dating, 12 years ago.  Five years ago we came up here to visit.  Then May 2009 he decided we were coming in August.  We had worked part-time for our home church for 7 years doing the Sr. High youth.  After that job ended, the full-time accounting was too much for him to endure, and his calling to full-time vocational ministry was certain.

5.  So what does he want to do when you graduate?  He believes he is called to pastoral ministry.  That means he will one day, Lord willing, pastor a congregation.  Think typical preacher job.  We're not headed to a foreign mission field or a college campus or off to plant a new church.  His personality, spiritual gifts, and background fit well likely as an Associate Pastor right out of seminary, with the hopes of being a Senior Pastor one day.

6.  How does a Presbyterian minister get a job?  Applying for a PCA pastor job looks a lot like applying for a job in any other field of work.  We're not placed in churches, as some denominations are.   We'll hear about or read of an opening and send in his resume.  We may get an interview with a search committee, which reports to the session, who sets up another interview and maybe a visit or two, then maybe an offer is made.  So I hear...we'll experience that first-hand next year.

7.  Where do y'all want to work?  That's a loaded question.  We'd like to head back to the Southeast, but we recognize God may have other plans and therefore won't rule much of anything out right now. Brian feels a call to minister to the people and culture who we understand best and have street cred with already.

8.  What do you think about being a pastor's wife?  It makes me laugh to think that's what I'll be.  Of course it also makes me laugh when I see a mother with 4 young kids and realize that's what I look like to others.  Anyway... I've been blessed to be friends with and mentored by some amazingly phenomenal pastor's and professor's wives up here.  I'm not so naive to think it's going to be a walk in the park, or so proud to think I can handle whatever comes.  We're promised we'll struggle, but we're also promised it is good!

9.  How did you decide to start blogging?  I had some first-year seminary wives over for coffee during our first Christmas season, and we were sharing our stories in order to get to know each other better.  Someone suggested I start a blog because I was willing to say honestly and candidly how hard it was, which was encouraging to them.  So I did.  I hope it is encouraging whomever reads this.  It's also helpful for me to have to process ideas and land somewhere with my thoughts.

9.  If people want to know more, would you say any questions are off-limits?  I hesitate to give a blanket invitation, but I don't think there's anything that a thoughtful person would ask that I'd not be willing to answer.  So--if you've read this far--and you have any more questions about what we're doing or what I think about something, feel free to ask.

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