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Saturday, March 3, 2012

We Need Your Prayers

For those of you who still read this--

Brian and I are asking for an army of saints to petition the Lord to provide for us financially through the bootcamp.  Our primary "regulars" are no longer coming, and it's going to be interesting what happens next.  The vast majority of my campers have come because they found us on the web, so we are asking God to drum up new people to come.

My teaching/aide job will end in May for the summer, as well as my nanny job for good (they're moving).  We need more income as it is to pay our monthly bills (which does not include B's tuition), and this bootcamp is already in place and certainly adequate to provide for our needs should people actually come.  And people go to these things.  My best regular (she's leaving after 2 years with me) goes on and on wondering why this hasn't taken off, acknowledging that God must be teaching us some very specific things by keeping us needy.  She's definitely right about that.  She's also speculating that once she leaves it will take off.  I hope she's right about that.

So will you please pray with us?  Ask God to bring us campers.  To provide through this business that is already in place in the community and in our day-to-day lives.  That we won't have to go and figure out what more to do to make money.  That bootcamp will be how we make it.

And if you'll commit to praying daily with us for this week (3/3-3/10), would you please encourage me by commenting here that you'll pray?  We have seen before how God moves when people pray for us, and we're expectantly hoping that he will answer yes this time too.

Thank you all so much!  


  1. Rebecca, we're praying with you!

  2. I am writing a post-it note right now to pray for you this week.
    Molly J.

  3. Praying in Birmingham! Keep us posted.


  4. I'm committing to pray every time I see my angel.

  5. Entering late in the game, but am praying for you all!