Fall 2013-dark leaves

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

White Ink

Would it surprise you that I've been chewing on getting a tattoo?  It's been a thought for well over a year.  Maybe two?

I know it would be in white ink.  I'm pretty confident it would have to do with rest.  I have no idea where it would go.  And no clue how to get past the needle issue--as in I'm scared of them.

Hee, hee.  Makes me giggle to think about it.


  1. Let me know when and where. I've wanted one for years and know exactly what I would do, but only need to get over the "oh crap I don't want the kids to know" business.

  2. it came to me this morning.... you need a pillow! or a cloud. or just a white cross because isn't that ultimately where our rest is found?

  3. My white one is on the inside of my left ankle. A celtic symbol for motherhood. A friend has his child's name, also in white, on the inside of his wrist.