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Saturday, June 1, 2013

I LOVE Summer!

I mean I really, really love summer.  I suppose it has something to do this year with it being my second year that my job has stopped when school let out, so I've got it like I like it.  I'm home.  The kids are home.  We're enjoying all being together.  The girls are best friends again, using their imaginations together to come up with games to play.  They're both including the younger two who can almost entirely keep up with them.  Even the housework has been delightful to do--I am home to do it! (and it's been so long that there are remarkable results when a job is finished, lol.)

All four of the kids are ravenous readers right now too (someone is reading to Lillian).  And still into learning, which is so fun.  We're all learning US Geography from songs.  They discovered Khan Academy recently, and Catherine just might understand Algebra by the end of the summer if she keeps at it.  Patrick LOVES getting a star in the back of the reader that he completes.  I've found Sarah Frances in her bed reading when I expected her to be on a screen.  (Delights my heart!)  And Lillian is relearning a letter each day using a curriculum I had for homeschooling the older girls.  She woke me up early this morning asking if it's time for the letter of the day. :)  There have been nights where the TV is not turned on at all because we're all in the same room reading after dinner.  Dreamy.

Summer is also open season for hospitality around here.  The front door seems to revolve in the summer, and it suits us all.  We don't get that as much during the school year.  It feels right and good.  Normal.  Makes everyone happy.  And during the day we're free to go do fun things together, like drive down to City Garden for the morning.  Just because we can.

Happiness.  Contentment.  Fun.  That's what this first week of summer has brought.  That's enjoying the here and now, and I'm thankful for eyes to see and a heart that is resting in the now.

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  1. praise the Lord! what a welcome season of refreshment!