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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Running Regret and More

I should have gone running this morning when it was 6:30 and I had enough consciousness to intentionally roll over and try to go back to sleep.

I need to remember this feeling next time and not sleep in.  My anxiety is through the roof tonight, and I can't help but think it would be better if I had started the day with a good run.

Too bad it's storming right now or I'd head out.  I think.  Oh, have I said on here I've registered for a half marathon in October.  So now I'm running about 4 times a week, getting ready to really train starting in August.

Good news?  I enjoyed a women's progressive dinner last night with new friends.

Also we've had lots of interest in our house that's back on the market.  One agent (not ours) even said it's a LOT of house for the money.  Yep; it's definitely priced to sell.

The kids are kickin' it in swim team.  Patrick and Sarah Frances are the fastest on the team in their primary strokes in their age groups.  I'm a proud mama.  We have an assistant coach who is an Alabama fan, and my kids have a running "competition" with him.  It began when Patrick wore an Auburn shirt after practice.  The next day Thomas wore his Alabama one.  The next day all four of my kids paraded around in their AU ones.  His mother (whose mother (Thomas's grandmother)--get this--worships at my parents' church in itty-bitty Thomasville, AL, and who is herself an Auburn fan) said to be sure to tell her when we plan that again so she can get a pic of him with "his swimming kids" all in their Auburn gear and put it on FB for all his UA friends to see.  The NEXT day Thomas gave them each a bag of orange and blue jelly beans, hand picked from the bin at the grocery store.  A sweet peace offering, I think.  We love our team and our coaches!

And I have a new friend at swim team just for me.  Well, for all of us.  She's a pediatric PT with 4 kids whose husband is an elder at their church who home schools and works part time.  Our kids all get along really well, and it's a mutual affection all-around.  I'm thankful to have a new, good friend to see every day this summer.

Oh, and a touch of sad news.  Mary Martha is gone.  She moved out this weekend, and now I'm selfishly sad.  She's in a great spot, and I'm very excited for her.  But I miss her terribly already.  I miss her face and voice and steps coming down the hall.  And her listening ear and her stories.  And her earrings and shoes and electric kettle too, if I'm honest.  It was a WONDERFUL 2 years having her here with us.  Thursday morning (our standing coffee date for 3yr10mo) can't get here soon enough.

Anyway--I'm remembering when I was 8 months pregnant I would s.w.e.a.r. I could run a marathon if only I could.  It feels that way now.  If only it weren't storming.  At least I want to go run.  Next time I'll go in the morning.

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