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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Little Women and a Little Man

This evening was like something out of a story book. Nothing special happened except the entire night.

I cooked dinner. A healthy dinner. Everyone liked it.

As a family, we were all doing our own thing at different times today and we all came back together and sat at the table (by Patrick and Sarah Frances's separate requests; vs. in front of the tv) to eat and share stories from our day. At some point everyone had a turn to talk and something unique to share. And everyone listened (for the most part) to everyone else.

After dinner, the kids finished up their baths. Brian sat down in the recliner with To Kill A Mockingbird. I went through some more of Sarah Frances's piano book with her, and Catherine showed us the newest skills she learned today at soccer camp. While Sarah Frances practiced her music a while, Catherine snuggled up on the couch with Patrick, Lillian, and a stack of board books. I moved from the piano to the book-and-child covered couch a little later.

At one point Brian looked up from his book and said to me, "I feel like I'm living in Little Women (has he ever really read that??) where they're playing music and reading together throughout the evening." It really was that sweet. No one was arguing or complaining. Even getting them into bed has been super easy--I reminded them of the 3 B's, bathroom, books, and bed, and it was really that simple to get them down.

Thank you, Lord, for a glimpse of real peace and harmony. Please bless us with nights like this more often. Make us fight for a simpler, slower life where we can enjoy each other and the gifts you've given us.


  1. Ah, Rebecca, this is so sweet! glad you had such a special and memorable evening and hope for me to come. I enjoy your blog--can't remember on whose blog I first found it.

  2. so glad i found your blog! hope yall are doing well.