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Saturday, June 19, 2010


I wish I had more insightful things to share. We have hit the ground running this summer, so I haven't had much time for processing. Not to mention that my counselor graduated, and I'm honestly not sure I want to start over with another one. Or pay out of pocket to keep talking to her. I do miss our Monday morning meetings though.

Last week Sarah Frances did a tennis camp, and Catherine was in a soccer one. It was their first times in their respective sports, and both girls loved it. Brian was also still on break. Lemme tell you, this homeschool mom could get used to sending kids off for half a day. Brian would drive them to camp, study for a while, then come home and hang with us. I took the little ones on a walk one morning. One afternoon before soccer was over, B stayed with the little ones and SF and I went to the pool, just us. P and I made an ocean with blue water and vegetable oil, and one day he went to the circus for his birthday with just his daddy. Yes, that left me with just ONE child at home! I was a day ahead in my meal prep. The house could stay straight(er) and I could keep up w/ laundry better since there were less people here. We hosted people for dinner twice that week. It was such a WONDERFUL break from "real life."

And now that it's back to normal--everyone home most of the time but Brian back in Greek--I've rested well enough to not be overwhelmed too much. And normal won't last long. Really it was just this week. There is something going on/to do within every single week of the rest of the summer! I'm doing my best to enjoy being in the moment and not worry about what's next.

But right at this very moment, a very nakie little 2yo is trying to crawl on my lap at 9:51pm, having taken off her jammies and diaper and now needs help. She's such a mess!

More later...

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