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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Anniversary Top 10

Top Ten things about being Rebecca Brown:

10.  It's an easy last name to spell--no clarification necessary.

9.  Brown also sounds pretty cute with Rebecca.

8.  My mother-in-law is the best mother-in-law you've ever heard of.  Seriously. 

7.  Marrying a man from your church means you get to stay at that church without any haggling!

6.  Brian has great taste--he always out-orders me at a restaurant and can tell me which shoe looks better with a particular outfit--great assetts in a husband.  His great taste also landed me! ;)

5.  Brian was also the best-kept secret in Birmingham.  He's soooooo funny and kind and gracious and compassionate and patient and has great hair (although that's not a secret) and loves his God and his family fiercely.  I'm just lucky no one figured it all out before I did.

3.  I get to be that man's wife, hopefully for another 5 decades or so.  Lord willing we'll have a long life together!

2.  Sarah Frances, Catherine, Patrick and Lillian Brown

1.  I don't deserve any of these wonderful things--God is simply so gracious and oh so good to me!

And please feel free to add anything that you know I forgot.  The list could go on and on...

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