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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ready, Set, Go

I'm going to have to stop calling our friends the Cooks our renters, because they expect to be out of the house on Saturday.  I'll definitely have to call them our partners in ministry though because of how many ways they have helped us since we moved here to start our ministry career.  We have been so blessed to be in relationship with them, and had we been neighbors, I feel like we would have been great friends.  Both sides are disappointed that circumstances are changing, but we are all trusting in our good, soverign Lord to place us in the right new ones.

As far as the house goes, we've contracted with a realtor and there should be a sign in the yard this weekend.  The woman from last week has decided our house is not for her.  I'm not even sure she went through it, which is fine.  There are SO MANY options for buyers now.  But you can pray with us that someone wants 3637 Leslie Ann Rd for a Christmas gift! :)

In other news, I'm struggling with my back.  Silly me tried to lift Patrick (50+ pounds) out of the big side of a shopping cart last week and it pulled my lower right side some.  Then this afternoon as I was turning around, my left ankle rolled hard and my entire right side wrenched.  So now all the inner, core muscles on my right side--my hip flexors in front, my lower back, and my back side up to the middle of my ribcage--are knotted and tight.  I've iced and taken my ibuprofen, but this is not the time for an injury! 

Lastly, it's finals time.  Brian has 2 more to go, as far as I can remember.  We're pretty out of touch lately, but tomorrow is our TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY.  We have a date Sat. for dessert, so I can probably tell you more details after that.  I do know he's planning on taking his Hebrew final on Friday morning.

Oh, and tomorrow is also when we expect our first Pruitt cousin to make her debut.  Emily and John will go in for an induction in the morning.  More details on Chloe Kathryn Pruitt as I know them.

So prayers all around, please. 

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