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Saturday, December 11, 2010

House Stuff

Have I shared on here how the Lord provided us with our first renters, the Cooks?  Amy came to see the house for the first time the day the movers were there.  She walked through the chaos with me, loved the house, and handed me a cash deposit on the spot.  Our prayer had been that God would bring renters before we moved to St Louis, and he did.  The night before we left town.

Today, on the day the movers are there for the Cooks, one of the men helping load the moving truck called his sister about the house.  She and her husband went over, walked through the chaos, loved it, and called Brian right away.  They've asked to see a lease agreement, which we promptly emailed.  Our prayer has been that we'd be provided a renter/buyer that we could sign papers with while we are in Bham over Christmas.  This is promising...

So pray on, friends!

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