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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Godliness in the Mundane

Margie Haack:

"When I was younger, I fantasized about doing something sensational and heroic, I can’t even think what right now. But I’ve learned that living a life pleasing to God and one that’s unexpectedly fulfilling is found in the ordinary days of waiting for the kitchen floor to dry in lemon-scented swaths on cleaning day, of scanning a cookbook for an apple cake recipe, reading a novel, reconciling the checking account, raising children, serving friends and strangers around a table where we share life stories. In the most foundational way learning to see Christ’s presence in the midst of the most common events not just for others, but for myself."

Thank you, Margie, for saying so well what I was trying to put to words (in my own head) this morning.  The Christian life is so much more an inner change of my own heart--learning to do everyday life or moments well--than my working to change everything outside of me to be more godly.  The life I live for Christ is what is attractive to others, and I can offer to them all that He is to me.  I guess that's not really what she's saying here.  But it kinda is.

Now off to do mundane...

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