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Thursday, September 15, 2011

I thought I was ready

I was wrong.  Our 6+month renters in Birmingham are officially leaving.  The insurance company has built them a new house, and they're moving into it Oct 26.  They've been month-to-month for a little while now, so I've known this was coming.

Somehow I'm still not handling this day as well as I expected to.  Mentally--and from prior experience--I know it's going to be fine.  Somehow.  No...the how is because the Lord has gone before us and had a good plan.

Yet I still want to throw up right now.  Please pray--really, please pray--for wisdom to know what to do (rent and/or sell) and that resolution will come quickly.  But my heart is my real problem.  Oh that I would trust God for real and have faith that brings peace beyond understanding.  After all, it's only a house and only money.  Stupid money.  Stupid anxiety and fear. 

Stupid shaking hands and dizzy head.  I mean, really, come on.  Really.  I suppose it's good at least that my visceral reactions won't let me fool myself into thinking I don't need God's help to handle this. 

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