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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Already May already?

I didn't blog in April? Ever? Not even once? Crazy. But now its May. We're in countdown mode for school. For our school and for seminary. That's 16.5 days of school left this year, and one year and two weeks till graduation from seminary. Woo-hoo! On both counts. Patrick is playing baseball. He's by far the cutest guy out there. Pics to follow soon. The girls are taking piano. One more voluntarily than the other at this point. And Patrick still likes to sit and play for his own pleasure. Last week they finished knitting club for the year. Lillian's ballet recital is next week. Pics to come. Many of our dearest friends are graduating this year. I'm working through my abandonment issues still. It's a sad, sad thing in many ways. But we'll see them again, if not here then there. But Mary Martha is staying in town and continuing to live with us for the next year. Biggest woo-hoo ever to that! I got the PE job at our school for next year, so I'll work MWF mornings as an aide and TuTh afternoons as the PE teacher. I'll get to know all the kids in the whole school. Fun, fun, fun. I mean, who doesn't love PE, right? We're working on plans for summer trips. Looks like we'll be in TX and AL both sometime. And Brian's going on a short term mission trip to London with our local church. We're expecting a load of houseguests too. Awesome. For-real awesome. Brian and I took a trip last week with 12 Pastors and their wives for three days and two nights. The focus was our marriages. We were working the trip, which wore me out more than I expected, but dont think it was all work. We hiked, swam, read, slept, didn't sleep... And learned to listen and hear each other in a new way. THAT we demonstrated for all the couples to see how it's done. OH, MY! But it was soooooooo good to get away. Field day is coming. Field trips to the butterfly house and art museum. Poetry day. The mother's day tea. Baccalaureate. Graduation. Families visiting. Makes my heart race. I so love it all. Pool's opening soon. Let me know when you want to come join the fun!

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