Fall 2013-dark leaves

Monday, May 21, 2012

New Job, Etc.

So please keep praying for boot camp.  My teaching job, nanny job, and researcher job are not happening this summer.  We'll need it to pick up the slack because costs don't decrease just cause it's summer, you know.

However, we are so excited about our new jobs starting this fall.  I'm keeping the Aide job at the school and picking up the PE job (have I mentioned that already?).  And just today Brian was offered Director of After Care at our church's school. The researcher gigs will continue throughout next year, as will Brian's yard work jobs.  We are so thankful!

The best part about the After Care job for B is that for the first time since moving here--and likely the last time ever--he will have a hard and fast end to his work day.  The job is over at 5:30, and he'll come home for dinner.  Neither student-life nor minister-life (so I'm told) typically work that way, so I am very thankful for some "normalcy" this coming next school year.  His day will end at the same time every day and he will then come home to us.  Woo-freakin'-hoo!

Brian finished up his semester last week.  This is the final week of school for me and the kids.  Our landlord scheduled the pool's opening for this Wed or Thursday.  Our house guests leave this week too.  We love school and our guests, but let me say clearly--BRING ON SUMMERTIME!  We are ready!


  1. So when are you heading south?? I missed my Christmas visit (thanks a lot, strep throat!), and I'm craving some Brown family time. And maybe a double-date to Mudtown?!

    1. We'll be there for B's 20th reunion. :) Mudtown sounds SOOOOOOO good. A double order of fried green tomatoes, please!