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Monday, August 26, 2013

Dinner: McAlister's Deli

Between soccer practice ending at 6 and volleyball beginning at 7:30, we ate a family dinner at McAlister's.  Since we discovered that two of my four yunguns have genetic high cholesterol, we've stopped going to CFA and are opting for a restaurant with healthier choices.  Ala McAlister's.

I still love their veggie pita.  I miss the tomato basil dressing though--they haven't had that in forever.  When I was in college at Auburn and new to the world of McAlister's, I would go there about 2pm to study.  I'd buy a large sweet tea, bag of pretzels and some honey mustard (is that still around either?) to munch on while I worked.  If I could focus on my studies until 5pm, I'd buy myself dinner: a veggie pita with tomato basil dressing and a refill on the tea.  Good stuff.

So I'm thankful to introduce my kids to McAlister's Deli.  I need to tell them that story about studying there; they'd love it!

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