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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Reading Rewards Rock!

Can I just say that there are many, many benefits to being a reader, but this summer we have rocked out with the reading rewards our kids are earning:

1.  FOUR super awesome, super HUGE (think 4' diameter) beach balls to take to the beach, to play with in the pool, to use half-inflated as a chair or a blob, and to share with cousins.

2.  FOUR gift certificates to paint a tile at a Painted By You kind of place--that's right up our alley.

3.  TWELVE free treats at Sonic, from hotdogs to ice cream cones to slushies.

4.  FOUR free tickets, plus 2 free adults, to an evening at the Magic House.

5.  THREE free tickets to Six Flags (plus one from a family whose oldest child was the only one able to earn one and it wasn't going to be used).

6.  TWO free tickets to a Cardinals game of our choice--Lillian and I will go see the Cards play the Pirates next Wed. night.  What a fun date with my "baby girl."  And can I just say how grown up am I that I'm taking her there by myself.

7.  FOUR free books of their choice to keep and add to our home library.

Plus these are just the highlights.  I mean, are you KIDDING me?!  What a fun, fun summer it has been for so many reasons, but WOW the Lord is good to us!  Look what he has done through my readers.  Praise him for his kindness and provision and that my kids love to read!!

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