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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm

So we've been reading this book, chapter by chapter, for weeks. The words are pretty "high," but Sarah Frances is able to follow well. If Catherine would sit still she'd hear more, lol. But the other night we read this. I thought it was worth sharing.

Rebecca said, "Look at the pebbles in the bottom of the pool, Miss Emily, so round and smooth and shining."

"Yes, but where did they get that beautiful polish, that satin skin, that lovely shape, Rebecca? Not in the still pool lying on the sands. It was never there that their angles were rubbed off and their rough surfaces poilshed, but in the strife and warfare of running waters. They have jostled against other pebbles, dashed against sharp rocks, and now we look at them and call them beautiful."

I am hopeful that I will be more beautiful for having been through "the strife and warfare of running waters" and not just look haggard and washed-up. :)

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