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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


When we signed up for swimteam, we chose our team because their practice was in the morning and not late afternoon. I liked that it was the same coaches as the bigger team but on a smaller scale (stated max of 50). I even liked that there wasn't a team suit to buy!

Well, guess why? Because this is not a real swimteam! This is not club swimming! At the meets (term used loosely) there are no heats or timers or points, and it lasts just over an hour because we have to be out of the pool at a certain time. The kids line up by ages and genders, one team on each side of the pool, and we fill the empty lanes on our side of the pool while they fill theirs as they come available. The man on the diving board says, "Swimmer's take your mark. Go!" Each swimmer gets a place ribbon as they exit the pool.

Our first meet we showed up with 2 big bags of towels, colors, NDS's, Little People firetruck, etc., all geared up for a 3 hour event with lots of waiting between races. LOL! The coach looked at me and explained the situation. So disappointing!

But now I think I'm glad. It suits for us to keep things laid back as much as possible this summer. And they're getting FANTASTIC instruction. The coach really knows what she's doing. So the emphasis has been on stroke improvement vs. time improvement. Works for me; just a shift in thinking.

I wish I knew how to add a pic to this blog. I'd show you how cute our swimmers are! Any suggestions on how to do that?

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