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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

First Goodbyes of the Year

I think I assume most people are like me.  They think like me, they care about the things I care about, they want the same things I want.  Most of the time that's an incorrect assumption, which I usually learn pretty quickly.  But it's where I start.

Then there are a few handfuls of people who know me well enough to understand the heart behind the words I'm saying without much explanation.  I don't have to give disclaimers to them when I'm in conversation because they know me well enough.  Their friendships (hither and yon) are extremely dear to me.

But this time it's even different than that.  I have been given a friend who really seems to be just like me--our thought processes, our gifts and struggles, our hearts, our personalities, our marriages all seem to be uncannily similar.  An added bonus for me is that she is my mother's age, so I also have the benefit of her wisdom and life experiences which speak so clearly to me.

I've known her just over a year, and she's been a direct and specific answer to 2-year-old prayers for an older woman in my life who desires a mutually benefitting relationship.

She moves to Colorado on Thursday, and my heart is breaking.  It's not really a surprise, although a bit earlier than we expected.  It's not like we won't talk again.  But I'm sad we won't have our Monday afternoon dates anymore.  That I can't just drop in on her because it's all just gotten to be too much.  That we won't be able to share space, even if we're not in conversation.

Sadness.  And just the beginning of goodbyes.

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