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Friday, October 26, 2012

Get A Room!

It's date night. Soccer games don't start tomorrow until 1:30. So we got a room downtown (through a gift of hotel points) and are going out for the entire night and half the morning (since our babysitter lives here and all). We're planning on hitting the St Louis Art Museum then splitting a great burger.  In the morning I want to take Brian to The London Tea Room where I heard a talk last week on Jane Austin and peruse through the English furniture store next door.

I'm so excited to get away for an entire 18 hours! For real!

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  1. Due to an extremely late pick-up from after-care (7:30!!), we missed the SLAM. But dinner was uh-may-zing, as well as tea the next morning. Extra thanks to MMA for over-time duty as well as RCK for letting us pick up Little Bit a little late from your daughter's birthday party so that we could go through the furniture store. Many thanks also for the hotel points, anonymous person. We are so cared for and loved by so many who help us in so many ways!