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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Twisted Temps

Tomorrow's high is 81.  Friday's is 52; Saturday's is 54; Sunday's is 56.  The low is 34 Sunday night.

Time to get out the blankies, smart wool socks, and hot chocolate.  Not a bad start to the month.

And, can I just say again, how THANKFUL I am to not be doing boot camp??  I like being with Brian in the evenings vs. being distracted by getting ready for camp.  And to not have to watch the weather.  Or write workouts.  Or get up at 4:45 three times a week.  It hits me over and over and over again that I feel different-funny (like yikes--what am I forgetting to remember?!) then realize it's because I can rest both mentally and physically from these things.  And that no longer do I have to get up and out Monday morning at 4:45am in 34 degree weather.

Praise the Lord!

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