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Friday, February 25, 2011

Death in the family

My father's father died today.  He's been sick for a long time, but as a believer in Jesus, he's all better now. 

My aunt died when I was in college.  Now Granfus's passing makes it just 2 of my immediate family members who have passed away.  I think it's pretty cool to be able to say at 33 that I still had all 4 of my grandparents.  Until today. 

Brian has 2 tests next week, so I'm taking the kids in the morning on a 13 or 14 hour drive to Crowley, LA.  The service is Sunday afternoon.  We'll stay with my other grandparents in Baton Rouge on Monday night, and head back to STL Tuesday morning.

I'm already exhausted just thinking about it all and prepping to be ready to go.  Please pray for me.  I need help in this.


  1. Praying for you. You are beloved of God and He will give you strength and an ability beyond your own to take care of your family -- especially your parents, which may come in the form of your kids. Praying for safety on your trip -- hopefully you're already there -- and for peace between you and your husband as you're split during this shattered time. Praying also that you have the opportunity to mourn and to grieve with your kids... even more so that you have the chance to explain your hope in the middle of all this, and to take pleasure in laughter and happy memories.

    -- a blogstalking sister in Christ (who happens to be a former homeschooler who also lived in Baton Rouge for awhile). Keep the faith, and follow Christ -- wherever that takes you and your family. Hope the school works out well for next year.

  2. Red, we're home. Thank you for your encouraging words and prayers. It was a wonderful trip, all around.