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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Getting Out

This morning I realized I was leaving the house for the second time in 6 days.  The first time was to go pick up carpool.  Does it count as "getting out" if you don't leave the car the whole time you're gone?  I'm inclined to say no.  Anyway, I felt like standing up in Panera and waving to everyone, saying, "Good morning, everyone!  I am in existence!" 

Also, over the last week, three of the five days of Brian's spring semester have been cancelled, so it's not like I've been stir crazy either.  We have had some really soul-satisfying family times, not to mention I've had help with life here (read laundry, dishes, entertaining the crew). 

But the icy roads are clear enough for life to resume today, and now it's catch-up time for him.  This is supposed to be his hardest class load of all seminary too.  I'm thankful to start off with my heart's tank so full!

And Saturday is my church's February birthday brunch, so I know I'll get out again soon enough! :)

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