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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I love my pants!

This past Christmas I discovered the best pants ever.  EVER.  They fit me well, they're very soft and comfortable, and they come in several great colors.  So I got some for a Christmas gift.

And because I love them so much, I wrote a song about them.  It a short, sweet one-liner that goes like this, "I love my pants!"  That's four measures of 3/4 time, if you can imagine, of the notes C#, D#, G#, C#.  And I kinda have to sway side to side when I sing it. 

Be prepared that if I have them on, I will burst into song unexpectedly when I am overcome with comfort and gratefulness for the awesomeness of these pants.

The thing is they're not cheap.  And right now is not the time for me to be dropping a lot of cash on new clothes.  So I've been watching for them on ebay and in the consignment stores (maybe twice each), but it seems that everyone likes these pants as much as I do. 

But, lo and behold, God cares about me and cares to bless me in unexpected ways.  When Brian and I were waiting for our table on Saturday night, we wandered into a few stores to kill some time.  Guess what was on the sale rack, marked down to the final price that ends in .97 (won't go any lower) AND was an additional 25% off for the holiday weekend?  And was my exact size but not the same color I already have (but I would have bought them even if they were the same color)?  Yes, it was the pants I love. 

And wouldn't you know I had just been given some birthday money with which to purchase said pants?

I'm so thankful to God to provide for me the things I love, even if I don't need them.  Because I love them.  Really....I love my pants.  (that's right, sway as you sing)


  1. this might be my favorite post ever :0
    You didn't tell us what pants they are so you could share the comforty goodness. . .

  2. Banana Republic Weekend Chino's. They are truly lovely. :)