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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Go! St. Louis Marathon

Catherine and Sarah Frances, waiting for their turn to go to the start line for the Go St. Louis Read Right and Run Mararthon.  They were to read 26 books, do 26 "right" (helpful) deeds, and run 25 miles before the day of the race.  I'll admit, this final 1.2 was more like their completing a half marathon, but it was so fun regardless!

Sarah Frances is the taller of these two girls.  She ran almost the entire time and finished in just under 9 minutes! (so says the Daddy of the girl she started and finished with)

Catherine is on the far right of this picture.  She says she was running until she saw a girl who'd fallen and gotten hurt on both hands and knees.  So they walked together until Catherine started seeing all the parents near the finish line.  Then she picked up the pace a bit. :)

We were all so proud of them both!

And on the way back to the car we passed Kung Fu Panda!

We also walked along the street at the bottom of Art Hill and stopped to take a pic of the crew.  Patrick is almost 5, Lillian is 3, Sarah Frances is 8 1/2, and Catherine is 7.

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