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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Musical Beds and Messed Up Minds

Some Tuesdays we bring dinner to campus because it's our only opportunity to see Brian all day; some weeks it's just better for the family if we don't.  Yesterday we stayed home. 

Most Tuesdays he gets home at 9:20pm so wiped that he doesn't do much more school work.  Last night he stayed up working on a paper till 2am.  This is largely so he could be finished with what is due today so that he can focus on what he's preaching tonight at Midweek.

I used to stay up with him when he pulled a late night, as in stay awake.  Then I changed to sleeping on the couch until he was finished and we still "went to bed" at the same time.  Now I just go to bed, most of the time.  But tonight I slept on the couch. 

So at 2am, he moved Catherine (who was scared of the storms) from our bed to hers, found Lillian in bed with Sarah Frances and moved her to hers, and woke me up to move from the couch to the bed.  Then Lillian was awake enough to come find us, so I took her back up after she wiggled all over us for 20 min. or so.

Then Satan started attacking my mind, and now I can't sleep after my 3hr nap for thinking of all the ways I'm inadequate as a friend, wife, mom, daughter, sister...

I'm going back to the couch so I can read my Bible, which is sure to put me to sleep.  Hopefully soon, too, since I'll be waking up in 2hr 15min to get ready for bootcamp.  Oh, what a night!

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  1. Rebecca, I know these nights well! I hope your time in the word encouraged you. My friend Rebekah's mom always says "everything is worse at night." I try to remember this when I have a night like this- didn't Steve used to call them Raisin Bran nights? Anyway, I hope you feel better. As someone who has watched you as a mother and been your friend, I can tell you that you do both well- the fact that you even worry about it shows that you are doing a good job!

    :) Abby